22KN - Abseiling & Adventure

22KN is a young group, passionate for rock climbing, rappelling, and even industrial jobs at heights. We've been doing this since 2008.

We strive to bring extreme and enjoyable activities to everyone, with safety as our first priority. The activities can be planned to suit various group sizes and age groups.

We offer:



Canyon hikes and treks in deep gorge canyoning (both wet and dry). These trips include rappelling down waterfalls and cliffs. The hikes are usually one-day long, with an option of prolonging the trip and include camping. We offer hikes like: Zavitan river in the north (which is flowing with water all year long), dry cantoning in the Dead Sea ravines, challenging treks in the mountains near Eilat, and many more.


Extreme activities:

Rappelling experiences for groups and families in different crags and canyons, all around the country: Shilat (near Judea mountains); ancient quarries (the Carmel); Gefet (Beth Shean valley); Keshet cave (Upper-western Galilee); Hoota 6 cave (Upper-eastern Galilee); etc.



  • A basic cliff rappelling course- two days.

  • A basic cliff rappelling course for climbers- one day.

  • An advanced cliff rappelling course- two days. 


For more details you can contact us.